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I need to say this isn't a "sand paper totally free" or a "easy way to paint a vanity" tutorial. I'm actually sorry about that! I was hoping that I 'd be able to do it that method however with the specific items that we utilized and the material of our vanity that just merely did not work (Cabinet Painting Contractors).

That being stated, here is what I suggest doing if you plan on painting cabinets! If you require a tip of the before, here it remains in all its absence of contrast splendor (nothing was wrong with the vanity at all! You can see how we added some character to the restroom with the exact same color vanity HERE): How the cabinets look now (you can see the complete bathroom expose HERE): With a great little bit of elbow grease, wipe down the whole piece with liquid deglosser utilizing a lint totally free fabric.

After 10 minutes, repeat action 1 once again. At this point, if your piece feels and look as though its not as shiny/smooth as it was previously, I 'd suggest checking a little location with your paint/primer and letting it dry. Once it is dry, test how it adhered by scraping your fingernails versus it.

If not, continue on with the priming + painting portion of the directions. If the finish still appears too smooth and/or glossy for paint to adhere, review the whole thing once again was a medium grit sanding block and wipe off all of the dust with a tack fabric. I also find it useful to have a vacuum nearby to tidy up as much dust as possible (Cabinet Painting 28208).

I let it dry for 10 minutes prior to doing a little test with primer. If it's still not adhering, sand again with the sanding block and discuss it once again with liquid sandpaper. I utilized the Odorless Zinsser cost Home Depot but I would go with THIS. Use the primer utilizing a paint brush and/or foam roller - Cabinet Painting Contractors 28202.

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I also believe that using a roller tends to make the primer go on too thick and I do not believe it adheres also in that case. Considering that this guide is oil based, use paint thinner in order to clean your brushes after painting. I would extremely recommend wearing a respirator mask of some sort throughout painting and tidy up and make certain the area in which you're painting in has great ventilation! When painting double sided items, I would recommend waiting 24 hr before flipping it over to paint the other side. Cabinet Painting 28208.

Use THIS paint. I can't stress this adequate! It was 100% worth the drive and additional expense. I evaluated the Valspar paint that we used on the first [failed] walk around on the guide to see if it would peel and sure enough it did. It brought me some reassurance though to know that the primer below the paint didn't peel.

We used the satin surface and just needed 1 quart. For this vanity had them color match it to Sherwin Williams Caviar in a satin finish - Cabinet Painting Contractors 28270. Paint the very first coat on the primed cabinets with the Benjamin Moore Advanced Paint using a brush, roller, or sprayer. We utilized a brush however I do believe it would've looked even smoother using the latter two options.

Get rid of the painters tape while the paint is still damp. Let the second coat dry for a minimum of 24 hours. The longer you can let it dry + remedy, the much better! We completed painting ours right before we disappeared for a week and let it be. Considering how much time we had actually taken into painting, due to the fact that we didn't want there to be any opportunity of chipping/peeling, and due to the fact that these cabinets are utilized daily/in the restroom, we decided to seal the vanity.

It's still not completely matte but it is less shiny than it was in the past. If you're painting kitchen cabinets I would definitely seal all of your difficult work! I'll report back to how these hold up in a year from now however so far this paint is not going anywhere! Let it dry for another 24 hours after the last coat of sealer is used prior to adding hardware.

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Also, the Benjamin Moore Advance Paint deserves every cent. I will never ever paint another cabinet utilizing a various item. I hope this helps!!! I know a lot of you have plans to paint your kitchen/bathroom cabinets. If you do, share your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #jordyjeanDIY! You all will rock this! Let me know if you have any concerns that I didn't address in this post.

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